Embrace those difficult conversations and do it at least once each year.  An informed & skilled family coach can facilitate healthy dialogue and open the door to awareness and understanding of the dreams and ambitions of all family members.  Understand how to maintain high performance and take steps to sustain the wellness of each family member.  
Embed your family values.  To flourish without entitlement requires effective, ongoing communication and understanding of family values.  Do you know what yours are?  Find out using the Values Edge TM model.  
Wealth means more than just financial capital.  As important as that may be, understanding your family's human, intellectual, social and spiritual capital is critical for building wealth across generations.  Define what's important to you. Lifetsyle?  Liquidity? Legacy? Leadership?  Understanding these will help guide your decision-making. 
Estate organization and facilitation.  SILVERTIP has tools to help  reduce the burden on your family by keeping track of your assets, liabilities & important documents.  As a family coach SILVERTIP can guide family discussions around sensitve end-of-life topics, enabling your values and intentions to be realized during your lifetime and beyond.