Trish Brister, Family Enterprise Advisor
B.Comm, LL.B, LL.M (candidate), ICD.D, FEA 

Trish, from a family of 7, with executor experience, has adapted her 30 years of practicing corporate law focused on closely held businesses to the world of continuity planning for individuals and family enterprises.  Values determination, strategic entrepreneurship, governance and risk management apply to individuals and family enterprises as much as they do to private & public corporations - it's just the relationship dynamics that are different!   She has adapted her field of research

at the London School of Economics to delve into governance issues surrounding family enterprises to facilitate continuity  and healthy transitioning from one generation to the next.

Josh Steele
Operations Consultant 
B.A., Trust Estate Practitioner (candidate)

Like a true millenial, Josh's roles at SILVERTIP are many & diverse - from technology, innovation & graphic design to building the Vault & Roadmap tools.  A member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners, his area of focus is the application of a soft skills, relationship-based approach to strategic planning, governance & risk management.  These concepts,  proven to result in good decisions in the corporate world, intuitively

and thoughtfully applied to the family enterprise space are invaluable and necessary to fully realize the potential of the family dynamic.  

Meghan Mutrie
Family Counselor
B.A., M.A (Journalism)
M.A. Counseling (Candidate)

Perhaps it's her former life as an international competitive athlete, TV reporter and producer, or maybe it's her history of traveling the world as an Athlete Ambassador, now employee, of Right to Play which, combined with her formal education, give Meghan the exceptional quality of always performing to the best of her ability. 

Professionally, that translates into thoughtful,

intuitive  insight  that puts people at ease, able to express their concerns and open channels of communication.  Her authentic compassion, fuelled by a life in the Rocky Mountains, draws people out, allowing them to reach their own 

potential and optimize

their contribution to the communities in which

they live and work.






"... We needed to get into the same room and have the important, facilitated conversations that we had managed to avoid...Trish and Josh  provided the much needed professional guidance with this journey. Their professionalism, compassion, inclusiveness, and guided, relationship-based approach made all the difference to us. Each and every member of the family instantly engaged with their easy demeanour and we all benefited greatly from listening to each other. We learned so much about each other because of this..."

"My family's business had been operating since the 1970s and was at a turning point.  My husband and I had been active in the operations for most of our professional careers and wanted to retire.  Trish and her colleagues guided us as we revisited our core values and then focused on continuity planning for the business, family members and shareholders. Her solid legal experience provided a comforting backdrop to the softer skills that drew our family together and helped us move on.  Her focus on the business fundamentals of strategic planning, governance and risk management, introduced in a sensitive and intuitive way, were what our family needed to confidently forge ahead!"

Serena Pockar Holbrook, President, Pockar Management Inc.


"I thought the entire process with Trish in the lead was professional, productive, and informative..."

Leanne Pockar, Co-Trustee,

Pockar Spousal Trust

"I recently worked with Trish completing a thorough governance audit.  Recommendations & actions taken as a result ... have significantly improved governance processes & procedures ... & are having ... a beneficial impact on governance and organizational performance.  If you are looking for practical and legally sound guidance on governance ... I would recommend that you contact SILVERTIP..."

Don Baird, Chair, Board of Governors, Parks Foundation, Calgary

"Trish has been outstanding and responsive to a variety of issues and matters.  She has quickly grasped our desired business objectives … Trish has been dedicated and committed to our business and I respect that she makes sure the client is happy … I felt the quality was excellent.  5 out of 5 on all." James A. Bunta, Vice-President - Legal, AMEC Foster Wheeler